Florida Locations!

the-maze-896851-mWe are pursuing government property locations in Florida. It’s been nearly impossible to get any information on these properties. We are trying to connect with Florida officials to get more information on the properties, prices, costs etc. It’s all very obfuscated.

  • We would really welcome help in Jacksonville and Ft. Lauderdale.

Some of the locations are really ideal and would be fantastic for a community of Men. Someone would offer return on our investment because portions could be leased or sold – possibly to a gay retirement village etc.

“A slave seeks …

“A slave seeks only one thing: obedience. Any slave granting a Master services rather than obeying is a servant, not a slave. Seeking to please, (as a servant), is just one more way for the ego to say: “See, I’m good!” Slaves do not grant services, they obey.” ~ SlaveMaster’s slave 7

A slave or Servant?