Spiritual Warriorhood

A Commitment and Hunger to Face Your Demons
First and foremost we are a spiritual organization. We are here to grow as men, to bravely face what we fear and to support our brethren and uphold men in higher purpose.
Successful intentional communities have a strong foundation in religion or spiritual practice, personal growth, mission and strong tools for fostering shared values (see

Dommune also draws upon the Jungian Archtypes, Tweleve-Steps, Consensus, Council and Circle, Buddhist ideals and the mystic teaching of all major religions.

Power Exchange & Challenges

Our spiritual quest includes exploring domination and submission, and challenges, both physical and psychic.

Leadership Program

For the Alpha Males, growing in Leadership is a daily practice: events, classes, fitness, challenges and bonding rituals are used to support growth. Our goal is to build a community of leaders. Eventually

Chain of Command

Hierarchical Authority upon Spiritual Authenticity
A chain of command and formalized decision processes provide clarity for each man in his station. We seek to prevent unnecessary drama or confusion.

Sound Body

Daily Health and Fitness
A balanced man cares for his body and his health. Bodybuilding, yoga, meditation and fitness tests are incorporated into our routine. We eskew addictive behaviors and Substances. We adhere to a balanced diet that is as fresh and organic as possible, avoiding processed foods, chemicals, sugar and factory meats.


Economic Success and Wealth Building in Right Livelihood
The mark of a successful community is a successful economic base. We intend to have businesses located at the camp. These include web services, sales/marketing, bondage furniture and managing products,etc. Wealth is sought for individuals and the community as a whole.


We are private, discreet, low-key
Please respect this in every way. The media, tourists or others not in the leather mens community are not invited. Please do not share this website, documents, conversations or games or provision of individuals with anyone outside of our direct community.

Androphilia and the Sacred Masculine

A Love of Manliness and the Manly Arts
We are a male only enclave. A safe harbor for men together exploring our nature as men. Protected from the judgments of a politically correct and feminized world.
We celebrate competition and cooperation; adventures, wrestling, building and solving problems.


We are not appropriate for everyone.
We are not for women or minors. We are not about sex, although sex is part of what we explore. Men and sex are inseparable, we enbrace this but seek to harness sex as a tool to our deeper selves.


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