About the DOMMUNE

We are building an intentional community for men, by men. Creating a safe and private world with high standards and masculine ideals, with the intention of building better men. A spiritual enclave where men can practice and deepen their skills through challenges in all realms, including physical trails, BDSM, spiritual quests, prosperity goals, fitness training, education, deep male bonding events and processes of authenticity.

We Seek:

  • Brethren who uphold our ideals:
  • Chain of Command – Hierarchical Authority upon Spiritual Authenticity
  • Sound Body – Daily Health and Fitness
  • Prosperity – Economic Success and Wealth Building in Right Livelihood
  • Spiritual Warriorhood –A Commitment and Hunger to Face Your Demons
  • Androphilia – A Love of Manliness and the Manly Arts
  • Exclusivity – We are not appropriate for everyone

Physical Location
We seek help in finding locations. We are actively bidding in rural locations to build our community. We are open to investors, laborers, and co-conspirators, .

One thought on “About the DOMMUNE

  1. Hello, my name is Thomas. My collarme profile is curiouskysub. Just wanted to say hello and show my appreciation for what you are doing here.

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